Based on hundreds of interviews...

...with promoters, DJs and ravers from over thirty countries, Rave Culture; an insider's overview, is a comprehensive guidebook to the rave phenomenon for ravers and non-ravers alike.

In the last ten years rave has grown from an underground subculture to an international cultural movement with a unified vision and a global sense of community.

Rave is not only responsible for producing the first new music in twenty years but represents a newsensibility in the areas of fashion, politics, business, sexuality and philosophy.

The book also includes over 50 original illustrations by Canadian artist Virginia SmallFry as well as over 100 photographs from Victoria photographer Trent Warlow and world renowned UK. rave photographer, Tristan O'Neill, with layout & design done by award-winning designer, Davin Greenwell.

Ten thousand ravers at a World Dance event in the UK.
photo: tristan o'neill
picture of the author!

About the author..

Over the years Jimi Fritz has been a musician, world traveler, tree surgeon, street performer, producer, writer, director, chef, chauffeur, roofer, entrepreneur, husband, father and lover.

Five years ago Mr. Fritz's life was changed forever by the "rave experience" which inspired him to write this book in an effort to define and promote the movement.

He lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with his wife and two teenage sons. The whole family raves regularly.

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