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What people are saying about Rave Culture:an insider's overview by Jimi Fritz

     "A thorough examination of rave culture and a good book for anybody wondering what rave culture is all about."

- RaverBooks.com.

     "I could barely put it down. Open, honest and very informative. It's about time for some pro-rave media."

- Robb, Jive Magazine message board.

     "A great book that goes beyond being merely entertaining and educational. I suspect that more than a few opinions will be changed."

- D.Brunell, Fearless Books. 

    "This primer has an approachable and un-hyped, zine-like quality. Fritz writes with the innocent wonder and joy of a hopeless rave romantic."

- Gerelee Goltsev, URB Magazine.

      "This book covers it all. A captivating, thorough, honest, fair and accurate portrayal of the rave scene. A recommended read."

- Huge Magazine, New York.

     "A great book about the global rave phenomenon and the true rave experience. Comprehensive, detailed, informative and extremely well investigated. A superb job."

- Gilbert Meyer-Gauen, DJ Magazine.

     "An excellent resource. I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

(5 star rating)
- Amazon.com.

     "An engaging introduction to the essential elements of rave... rave culture has found itself an eloquent new prophet."

- David Leach, Monday Magazine.

     "Now here is a book that is representative of the scene. This book is well worth picking up."

- Alex D., Tribe Magazine.

     "Jimi Fritz is an intelligent, informative author and a spokesperson for the jilted generation. Rave Culture is almost assured to be a hit... "

- Mike Devlin, The Times Colonist.

     "Fritz's motivation is to educate and inform, and ultimately legitimize the global rave phenomenon."

- Tom Zillich, Westender Magazine.

     "Detailed and informative, this book tells you everything you need to know and more about the mysteries known as raves and the people who dance there."

- Anna Nobile, The Loop Magazine.

     "This man gets it; he really does. People who have never been to a rave would do well to sit down and read this book. It will explain the culture and philosophy better than any biased journalist is capable of doing."

- Dr. Trance, The Global Groove Network, 100.7 FM.

     "Jimi Fritz is a calm, older voice in the fight to obtain approval for rave parties. His book is a page turning primer for the global dance-culture phenomenon."

- Cliff Faber, Restricted Magazine.

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